Cutting vinyl discs?

Anyone who has suggestions for settings and bits
for milling vinyl discs

Want a straight cut edge? Use a 2mm 1F bit for instance.
Want a bevelled edge? Use a V-bit for instance.

Cut at perhaps 1500mm/min and 1mm depth per cut, and after completion run the carve once more at same speed but at full depth. This clean up the trace pretty nicely.

Other than that, just experiment. What work for me may not work well for you :slight_smile:

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I have tried it


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That’s a pretty sweet idea!

Vinyl carvings sound better too!!! :laughing:

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So if I wanted something like this. Prob best to use v bit for faces and flat but for Beatles text?

I did this basic one with 1/8 downcut 2 flute and ABS setting in materiel, tried upcut 1st and it vibrated like mad, cover the whole back with double sided tape or the painters tape and glue solution.