Cutting Vinyl with my xcarve

Hi All,
I’m new to the forum, but have been using my xcarve for about 6 months. First off, I just want to say “This thing rocks!”
I have been using it to cut cornhole boards and bigger projects and have had no real problems with it.
Today I did something that was pretty cool and seems to work decent so I thought I would share. I turned down one of my old knife holders for my vinyl cutter just enough for it to fit into the bottom of my router without the collet attached. I created the cut file and used the xcarve to cut the holes in my vinyl decals for a set of cornhole boards that im making. Worked awesome, way better and cleaner than I could have cut them.
So i just wanted to pass the info on that its possible to make a knife from a vinyl cutter fit into the xcarve and work.
I have a short video of it cutting if anyone is interested I can post.
Thanks and everyone have a great day!


Lets see the video!

Yes Video Please! Really interested in how you’re holding the vinyl down. I’m attempting to make some spray masks with sheet acetate, and it’s being a pain in the acetate :slight_smile: I have an old silhouette vinyl cutter but need some more power to get through these sheets in a single pass, so I’m testing out my X-Carve to do the job.

As you can see in the video, I’m running at a pretty slow speed because this was my first try and you know how things can happen! :0)
I have a piece of anti-skid pad that we use on our big cutters at work under the vinyl to hold it from moving. You may have to use spray adhesive to hold your acetate in place, it is a little tougher than vinyl, for sure. I have seen attachments for sale that hold utility blades that would make easy work of acetate, but they are around $300 and you would still be left with the problem of holding the material in place.

Compressing the video to size that will upload made the quality bad, so here is a link to youtube.
If I’m not allowed to do this please let me know and I will delete the link.

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What kind of "knife" is that Chuck. I can’t see it well enough to recognize it. I don’t believe I have seen anything like it before.

THanks for the vid Chuck.

Here’s a pic of the modified Graphtec CB09 blade holder (kits on ebay +/- $15) I’m testing out.
Left shows the blade poking out, center shows the original hole I had to drill out to accept my 1/4" bar stock, right shows it all together. So far so good, but just like with anything else, gotta get the hold downs right, and for my acetate need to try to keep it as optically clear as possible, so anything that could leave a residue is a no no. Still working on it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the pics, that looks like a nice secure setup. That looks like a better way than I did mine, for sure!I have seen a few vids on making a vacuum table for the xcarve, but haven’t tried it yet. It doesn’t look too difficult and may be just what you need for your application.

GordRock- It is a roland blade holder and I turned down the knurled nuts and the back of the holder itself to fit into the router. It slides in and rests against the lip of the holder. The toughest part was making sure it was the exact size to friction fit in, but not be loose. It had me sweating a little :grinning:

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yes vacuum table is def where I’m headed, of course the solution is always the last thing you try isn’t it? :slight_smile:

How are you zeroing that?

Damon- Yes sir it is. But fortunately you usually learn a lot of good stuff along the way :grinning:

Tony- I set the material size to the size of my vinyl and a thickness of .001. Then it was just a matter of squaring the vinyl on the router. the z took a couple of “dry” runs to get the depth where I wanted it. Thats why its running so slow in the video, I wasnt sure how everything was going to work out lol

If anyone’s running a dewalt 611 for the spindle, there’s an air diverter that has a holder for the Roland-style knives.

I’ve printed one, bought a knife and vinyl, but just haven’t gotten around to cutting. I’m trying to find information on how to compensate for the corners. Supposedly, there’s a script or setting you can use to allow the knife to get sharp corners