Cutting waste board on the CNC for X-CARVE 1000mm

I have 1/8" Collet and (1/8" milling bit) , want to make holes for M5 x 20mm screws. I am newbie to CNC.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, what’s the question?

Thanks for sharing.


so a 5mm holes is .19685" imperial so good news your .125" endmill will work for creating those holes

now do you want to create a threaded hole or do you want to make just a straight 5mm hole to a certain depth?

if you would like to make a threaded hole then you will need a threading tool that will be a little hard to find for wood but is not out of the question

I would suggest that you use a threaded insert like in the factory x-carve wasteboard

I do believe that inventables has cad drawings for the wasteboard so if you give them a call they will gladly tell you where they are I think grabcad

because to install the threaded insert you will need to bore a larger hole but not a problem your .125" endmill will do the job just fine

make sure and let us know how this turns out

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Thanks for reply. Actually I am planning to do it as per below mentioned thread :-