Cutting with JTech 2.8w laser

Just got the JTech 2.8w laser, and trying to figure out good starting points in terms of feed rate and number of passes to cut various materials. Any references for this sort of thing? Know it’s going to differ per person, but need a starting point otherwise I’ll waste a bunch of material guessing.

Any help is much appreciated.

I am on travel so don’t have my details with me, but has various posts of settings used.

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Thanks for the link Jeremy. I’m only seeing engraving topics, not seeing anything about cutting, unless I’m missing it?

I know it can be done (cutting) but I didn’t experiment enough with it. I had a 1/4" board that I ran 5 passes on at a very slow rate and max power and the cut wasn’t very deep. I haven’t tried cutting acrylic with the 2.8w laser. Good luck in the search. Hopefully you can find what you need.

Maybe this will help:


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