Cutting won't start near home

when i set hone at x0 y0 when i start to carve it goes x 7 inches no matter what im working on, i have a sign 5 inches long and 3inches wide by 1.375 in when i hit carve ,imgige on machine shows it to be in lower left and travel to start position of 2.5 in but like i said it will go twice the distance on x and y new to allof this Robert

Hi Robert and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Do you have an Xcarve or another GBL-based CNC?

Whenever a CNC is moving half or double (or fraction there of) vs commanded distance you need to edit GRBL parameter $100(X), $101(Y) or $102(Z) Get your axes to move in the correct direction and amount before addressing work zero, mentioned below.

In Easel, did you jog your bit to where I have the red arrow showing?
This is where Easel assume work zero aka Home Position to be.

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yes sir I have my sifn is not much more ovel than urs but what happens when you hit carve? does it carve as the picture shows/ this is when mine goes 7 inches in fast mode then z goes down and it carves like it should thanks robert

yep after doing a few different sketches all different sizes it comes down to what ever the size is it will travel about x and y twice the size of the item x=3in in length it will go 6 inches in fast mode before caring, but will carve it norm ln input speed, homes fine Thanks Robert

Xcarve CNC or other brand?