D611 - ER11 - 6mm bits

so after setting up my X-Carve for the first time, I wanned to run my first project. My Setup is:

  • X-Carve
  • Dewalt 611
  • 6mm 2 Flute EndMill from German CNC online Shop

While running the first job my endmill shook loose and got stuck and nerly broke of. So I thought I did not tighten the nut far enough. But after doing that and trying again, same result. Endmill slipping down and getting stuck.

So the Dewalt wants to get 1/4 in bit which is 6,3 mm. So it seems the 0,35mm are a big enough issue to not hold the bit tight enough. So I searched and the answer seemed to be to get collets and an ER11 Nut (which seem the only option to get) to hold them down.

After my ER11 arrived in the mail today I was stunned due to the nut beeing to small. But only like half a mm. So now I’m lost and thought I will not be alone with this issue and maybe someone of you have already figured this out and could provide my with some help.

I bought a 1/8", 4mm and 6mm collet from Elaire Corporation for the Dewalt.


Unfortunately, the DeWalt collet is not an ER11, and the two are not at all compatible.

Your best option would be to either use 1/4" shank cutters, or order one of Elaire’s 6mm collets for your DeWalt. I have their 1/8" collet to go along with the 1/4" that mine came with, and it’s really quite excellent. They shipped crazy fast for me, too.

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Well that confirms the not working ER11. Does any one by chance have a European (best german) retailer where I can get one?

Where did you order it to @DanBrown?

@Jan_martinJosten Elaire - DeWalt Collets.

The link Geoff provided is the place I ordered mine. Unfortunately, it is US based, so that will add complications for you in shipping. There may be an European based retailer, but I am not aware of one to this point.

i noticed on the configuration page that a 1/8 collet is an option. however isnt available on the store. “1/8” Precision Collet Kit for DeWalt 611
1/8" precision collet, nut and wrench (allows you to use 1/8" shank bits with the DeWalt 611)". any plans on making it available

I too bought a collet from Elaire for my Makita and it is top notch. It took a week and a bit to arrive here in New Nealand but the cost and wait were worth it.

I recommend Eraire Corp. whole heartedly.

I had the exact same problem. I solved it by ordering 'DeWALT | DE6950-XJ Spantang | Voor DeWALT bovenfrezen | 6 mm" at http://www.toolsxl.nl
Arrived yesterday and fits like a glove.
It’s not german based but they do deliver in Germany. Mine was delivered within 24h to Belgium.
Good luck!

I have the DW26200 (also not listed)and it fits fine. Since it’s just the european version of the 611 it should fit yours just fine too.
To assure you: on www.precisebits.com they sell collets specifically for 611 - 26200, which tells me both use the same collet-size. (http://www.precisebits.com/products/equipment/dewalt_611_kits.asp?tsPT=!!!Dewalt_611!!!Kit!!!PG!!!)

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Does the 8mm collet from Elaire Corporation work as well on the Dewalt, or is that too big?

I have the 1/8", 4mm and 6mm only…sorry.

And to be honest, I didn’t know they had one for the 611…but I see it on their website…I might have to give it a shot.


Did you check Robosavvy in London, UK? They have the 1/8" collet from precisebits:

I use the cordless router which I understand to be very similar to the 611. I got what I’ll call collet adapters on amazon. Their 1/8” ID 1/4”OD. Fit inside the normal collect and allow u to use 1/8” bits Their super cheap but work very well.