Damaged MakerSlide

I finally ordered an X-Carve after months of following its progress and the forums. It looks great so good work guys.

Unfortunately the first one I recieved had a defect on one of the MakerSlide rails that meant the X carriage did not slide smoothly. The customer service team were great and offered a replacement Makerslide extrusion straight away. It arrived today and disappointingly both ends of the extrusion are damaged (looks like it has been dropped). It was well packed so it would’t have happened in transit. I’m hoping to get some advice from some of you with experience if you think that this will affect the squareness of the machine and therefore the accuracy? If you guys think it will be ok then I’ll just continue with the build as I don’t want delay it any longer ordering a new one and getting it shipped to the UK.

Any advice would be great!


I can sympathise with you, Inventables probably send you replacement but mean while you can do two things
1 go ahead and install and look for squareness and if the it is ok then the x carriage should move smooth, only make sure the carriage does not go all the way- you may loose an inch.
2 Cut the ends of maker slide and make sure both are same size and you have custom made x axis but a bit shorter.
good luck

That much damaged distance is going to be well outside the area that your V-wheels will run on, so as long as that’s it (no more dents along the length, or projections OUT from the end of the makerslide) then you’re probably fine, functionally. You will need to be careful when you put the carriages over that, not to damage the V-wheels. It might be worth grabbing a good file and smoothing that out, just to avoid the possibility of dinging a v-wheel.

Functionally, though? No trouble, go for it!

Thanks for both of your replies. I’m going to continue with the build and see how it goes. Good call on filing the ends, I wouldn’t have thought to do that and probably would have ended up damaging the v-wheels.