Damascus steel vs the X-carve

So I have this beautiful piece of Damascus steel laying here and I think i’m going to give it a run on the X-carve. Any thoughts? I’ve been looking at @ShaneBell videos with his work with steel, so it seems doable.


I’d say it all depends on the strength of the steels. I’ve seen some damascus steel blades that would damn near cut a diamond in half lol


That’s a beautiful piece of damascus! Obviously, you’ll be following @ShaneBell’s example with plenty of coolant, proper bit and feed rates/DOC. I don’t remember if you’ve done the stiffening upgrade, but I’m sure that will definitely help with any side loads.

I’m very interested because I bought this, as is, and would love to have more creative options. I’m working on a way to digitize the blade profile in order to make the scales to fit.

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Put the blade in a scanner to get an accurate image and then do an image trace to get the profile.

I tried that and the shadow produced by the thickness of the blade made the outline very fuzzy in spots. That’s why I’m still working on it.

trace the outline with a pen then scan that

That’s amazing, dude! You didn’t have to do that…:sunglasses:

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Well I haven’t had a chance to get to it yet, but it’s actually for a ring i’m making that will be carbon fiber and Damascus steel. I will anneal before cutting though.

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I have to dig out the knife. We just moved, so it’s buried somewhere. This is amazing. I’ll plot the DXF and compare it ASAP. Thanks, bud!

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Figured I should update you guys on Damascus vs X-Carve.
Damascus 1 - X carve 0
Started off well, but it keeps burning up bits faster then it can make its way through.

What sort of lube are you using? Cutting/tapping oil or something else? What sort of bit.

I tried cutting oil, I tried wd-40 and anything else I had around that I could throw at it :slight_smile: I was using 1/8" (.125") 2 FLUTE CARBIDE ENDMILLS from Drillman1 that I had bought an extra when doing my last aluminum job.

I wonder if one of those 4 flute Vipers would do any better?

Next time I place an order I’ll pick one up and give it a try