"damit" "damit"

Clean cut. Would you care to share your feeds and speeds😉


And I SO wanted to remain a virgin…

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Ha Ha, now that’s one way to look at it.

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What am I missing?

He cut into his clamp

After about the fifth clamp collision I stopped caring, now the cursing is reserved for breaking bits.


I use the Kreg self-tapping.

I hit my clamps the 2nd carve.
the only thing that gets me is if I don’t make more then I would not have any to use. LOL

Feed and Speed comment on such a clean cut. instead of getting mad a hitting your clamp, look at it like “man that sure is a nice clean cut”.

sucks when you hit one of those lol

I just learned not to put a clamp in the start position… I’m glad the bit was still spinning when it slammed into it.

I added it post-start. One of my others was going to be in the way so I switched them around a bit. Now that I have a z-probe, I start with the bit higher then I’m used to. Good idea on the preview though, would have caught my first clamp problem.