Dang Z is being spastic

So I have been building, trying to cut the sides of a chest. So, basically it’s just a few rectangles. For some reason I keep having an issue with the Z moving in odd times. Any help would be appreciated.

Box Parts.gcode (4.7 KB)

I’ve got it where it cuts certain sides just fine. Then it jumps up for no good reason.

Are the -z numbers supposed to be different? As I watch it in mach3, it appears to change z- measurements as it goes around the perimeter of the part. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but you can open the gcode up in notepad or a similar text editor and change the Z’s. This is what it looks like:

Object to your thread title. sorry can’t you think of a better way to describe a faulty axis code.

Is Mach 3 a program meant to replace Easel? I’m really trying to find something, but I’m not freaking out about that yet. That’s not how I wrote it, but that’s what it’s doing. I pulled my head from my nether region and went ahead and just cut it on my table saw…

The only problem was that it wouldn’t let me use the title that is closer because it was too close to others.

Mach3 is a what I use to run my other cnc router. It won’t work with GRBL from what I’ve heard. You could try fusion 360 as an alternative. CAD/Cam program. IF you have a text editor like NotePad or Wordpad, open that Gcode file up with it and you’ll see how the Z- changes.

Not really the problem is it. Make an effort and try stretching your mind to come up with something that isn’t phrased in outdated and plainly unacceptable language. read the gudelines above and try again. thanks