Dark Lines JTech 3.8W Laser Upgrade (LaserEtch)

Hypocrite much? You just gave me the same respect off of 1 statement. But that’s fine. im glad you had a good experience. And I didn’t base my opinion off of anyone else’s experience. I made my statement based on my own. That’s a fact.

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Personal experience?

[quote=“CurtisCummings, post:11, topic:26325”]
Hypocrite much? You just gave me the same respect off of 1 statement.[/quote]

How observant!

Sorry it took me a second. I was reading over my conversation looking for the exact point I asked you anything. But alas I couldn’t find it. dont get me wrong. I will probably purchase a laser from JTech. However I was responding to a comment about a similar experience that I had. Please. Get over yourself and stop harassing me.



Thank you


Hi there,

We have downloaded the trial version of PicSender and successfully connected to the machine but are unable to click on the GRBL button you described in this post: Where is the laser engraving category?

Is this an option that is only available in the full version of the software?

Yes, it’s disabled in the Demo, but you can change the settings one at a time with the Do Cmd. The GRBL Settings button will display all the settings in the Messages window to verify the change.

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Is there a place to download the hex file for GRBL 0.9j so we can switch back and forth between the 2 sets of code? on the github page I do not see a hex file to be used in XLoader.

I see on your page you offer a number of different software packages. What combination of software would we need to purchase from you to create the gcode and then send it to the machine?

I’m not sure this is the latest X-Carve hex, but it appears so.


Our PicLaser has basic features for image/logo engraving including an image editor and 11 different Dithering Algorithms.

Our PicEngrave Pro 5 has more advanced options and features then PicLaser has. It includes the same image editor also.

PicSender was developed for very large fast changing raster gcode files, but also can be used for complex spindle cutting/carvings also. It’s not required for streaming the gcode generated from our image to gcode programs, but is recommended.

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Thank you,

We just purchase Pic Engraver Pro 5, and pic sender (order 856). We look forward to receiving the licence keys.


Okay, we are about to flash the JTech GRBL to the arduino using XLoader but dont know which “Device” we should select.

We have an arduino board for an xcarve.

Did you backup your original X-Carve grbl settings in the PicSender GRBL menu first?

Select the UNO in the device list.

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Yes we did, we are now using the PicEngravePro 5 program to create the gcode.

Is there a page on your website that has recommended settings for this software?


There is a Tutorial button on the main page. Use the Analog/PWM engraving profile. It has more features then GRBL PWM.


We have updated our Arduino to the JTech Firmware but are unable to switch back to the 0.9j firmware as described in this post: Where is the laser engraving category?

Once we flash the 0.9j firmware we are unable to connect to the arduino… Any thoughts on how we can resolve this?

First look in the Device Manger and see if the UNO is showing a com port #. If not, unplug the UNO’s USB cable, wait a few seconds and then plug it back in. Then try connecting again with PicSender & the com port # shown in the Device Manager for the UNO.

If it still will not connect, try a reboot of your PC.

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Please see this Screencast. It will show you the errors we are getting.


We are able to reinstall the JTech firmware but unable to connect to the machine when we install the 9j version.

Maybe the screencast will point out something I am doing wrong?

Are you using the grbl 9J hex at the top of the Master Branch list on this web page? https://github.com/inventables/grbl

I just tested it here and it connects fine.

Do a right click on this page and save as somewhere on your PC then remove the .txt extension and try it.



That was it!!! i was using a hex file that was incorrect!!!

Thank You So Much!!

Highly recommend the PicEngrave Products and support by the way!


We are trying to create a cutting board for a wedding gift for a close friend. We are using the JTech 3.8w laser.

We would like the end result to look something like this.

Note how the engraving does not look ‘burnt’.

What settings would you recommend using to achieve this look?