Dark Lines JTech 3.8W Laser Upgrade (LaserEtch)

Good afternoon everyone,

I am looking for feedback from those who have purchased a JTech Laser upgrade for their machines.

I am using LaserEtch to create the gcode for our projects.

Unfortunately we are getting dark lines where the laser turns on and off. The laser is running in a horizontal pattern. See image below.

We have tried reaching out to Jay at JTech on a few occasions now with no response so we are now looking for answers here.

Couple of questions:

  1. Is there a setting within LaserEtch that would reduce this darkening?
  2. Does LaserEtch allow for a 45 degree “hatching” motion instead? Maybe this would reduce the darker areas?

Look forward to any input you guys may have :slight_smile:

I was thinking of purchasing a JTeck laser as well. I always like to send an email asking a simple question, their response time and willingness to help are usually my deciding factors. That was TWO MONTHS ago. Still waiting for a response. I bet your payment was processed right away though.


We answer questions about our image/logo to gcode software programs fairly quick from our contact page or on the forum regardless if purchased from us or J-Tech. That’s if I am not snoozing. :grinning:



From what I have read we would need to change the software running on our carve machine to get your program to work properly. Is this correct?

How hard is this process? We are not coders. Do you have a step by step guide?

After the upgrade would we be able to use easel?

Does your program eliminate the dark lines using jtech hardware?

Does your software allow a 45 degree “hatching” pattern?

Can we run the gcode from universal gcode sender?

well then. Do you know if the set up is the same for the X-Controller.

No, that is not necessarily true. If your engraving 1bit Black & White images with gcode generated from our PicLaser or PicEngrave Pro 5, you do not need to flash the J-Tech Firmware. If your engraving 8bit grayscale with varied intensity, it is recommended because the variable S commands will dwell on each line and effect the overall shading.

If your referring to changing back and forth from the J-Tech firmware to the standard X-Carve grbl firmware with our PicSender streamer, here is some instructions. You will need the X-Loader to flash the firmware. http://russemotto.com/xloader/

No, you would have to switch back to the X-Carve’s standard grbl Firmware to use Easel.

It will if you make changes to your grbl settings and engrave at a 45D angle which answers your next question “Does your software allow a 45 degree “hatching” pattern?”. Yes, both of our image/logo to gcode programs do.

Yes, you can run gcode from our programs with UGS.

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Here is the information on the J-Tech web site when using the J-Tech laser with the X-Controller.


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This isn’t common with Jay. I must have sent several hundred messages back and forth with him regarding some issues I had. He was always more than willing to help. This included shipping me replacement parts next day air at no cost for testing purposes when I couldn’t get my laser to work correctly. I highly recommend J-Tech for quality and customer service.


Marty. I use the J-Tech firmware with the Picengrave and Pic send programs and they are fantastic. What I ended up doing is purchasing a second Arduino for $20 and I flash one with the Inventables firmware and the other with the J-Tech firmware. All I have to do when I want to go back and forth is swap them out.


I have never had an issue when contacting Jay at Jtec. If it is a weekend then it might be delayed but he runs a very reputable and honest business. I too had an issue with a laser and he sent me a new one even though it had been a few months after purchase. I am sure if you search this forum or the net, you will find that Jay does not have a negative reputation.

I am sorry you only give a person one chance and make your statements without basis of fact.


Hypocrite much? You just gave me the same respect off of 1 statement. But that’s fine. im glad you had a good experience. And I didn’t base my opinion off of anyone else’s experience. I made my statement based on my own. That’s a fact.

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Personal experience?

[quote=“CurtisCummings, post:11, topic:26325”]
Hypocrite much? You just gave me the same respect off of 1 statement.[/quote]

How observant!

Sorry it took me a second. I was reading over my conversation looking for the exact point I asked you anything. But alas I couldn’t find it. dont get me wrong. I will probably purchase a laser from JTech. However I was responding to a comment about a similar experience that I had. Please. Get over yourself and stop harassing me.



Thank you


Hi there,

We have downloaded the trial version of PicSender and successfully connected to the machine but are unable to click on the GRBL button you described in this post: Where is the laser engraving category?

Is this an option that is only available in the full version of the software?

Yes, it’s disabled in the Demo, but you can change the settings one at a time with the Do Cmd. The GRBL Settings button will display all the settings in the Messages window to verify the change.

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Is there a place to download the hex file for GRBL 0.9j so we can switch back and forth between the 2 sets of code? on the github page I do not see a hex file to be used in XLoader.

I see on your page you offer a number of different software packages. What combination of software would we need to purchase from you to create the gcode and then send it to the machine?

I’m not sure this is the latest X-Carve hex, but it appears so.


Our PicLaser has basic features for image/logo engraving including an image editor and 11 different Dithering Algorithms.

Our PicEngrave Pro 5 has more advanced options and features then PicLaser has. It includes the same image editor also.

PicSender was developed for very large fast changing raster gcode files, but also can be used for complex spindle cutting/carvings also. It’s not required for streaming the gcode generated from our image to gcode programs, but is recommended.

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Thank you,

We just purchase Pic Engraver Pro 5, and pic sender (order 856). We look forward to receiving the licence keys.