Darkly Labs 4W Laser Engraver (410mm x 285mm Work Area)

My brother is selling his laser machine for $800 and asked if I could post it here for him. I assembled and calibrated it for him, but he hasn’t had any use for it in the past several months. This is located in Jacksonville, FL if you are interested in local pickup.

This is really similar to the JTech laser add on, but in a standalone version (16.5” x 11.3” work area). It includes the power adapter, instruction manual, laser software (custom Vectric 2D laser package), and laser safety glasses.

Here is the product page from the manufacturer. The price is flexible, so feel free to send an offer.

Um, in the link you gave Darkly is selling that unit unopened brand new for $800.

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Price should have been $800, my mistake. This machine is $940 shipped from the manufacturer with the 4W laser.