Day 2 running my new X-Controller

So far I’m liking the new x-controller. I felt it has more power compare to stock andruino/grbl shield. Usually on my old controller after few cuts on carbon fiber, it start showing some slight curving on straight line and I need to replace new sharper bit. But with the x-controller, I’ve been cutting couple of sheets now on same bit and the cut quality are still good.

Also the build pause/resume is freaking excellent. I use it couple of times to remove some big pieces that was suck on my dust shoe. Built-in emergency stop and much nicer port wiring.

By the way I’m still using single Y axis connectint cause it’s the most easiest route without rewiring my xcarve. I just simple put the pot to the highest value for Y axis.

The following upgrade done on my xcarve


May I ask you a question about installing the new controller. When I first turned it on computer recognized a new device. To install the new driver, do u install it under the arduino file?

I didn’t do anything on my side. It works fine on mine although I noticed its running on different COM port.

Well I got it going. Had to install new driver under arduino folder. Changed my com port as well. I like your set up by the way. Been thinking of doing a vacuum port similar to that

What kind of bit are you using? Diamond cut?

Yes. 1.5mm

What kind of spindle are you using and how are you controlling it automatically? A relay of some sort?
Also, what software are you controlling the X-Carve with?

Please see my first post. I upgraded the list of upgrades for my XCarve

If you’re cutting carbon, you should check out Dragon Plates. They sell the highest quality carbon, and you can select carbon specific to your needs. They sell quasi-isotropic carbon which is much stiffer and strong than standard carbon fiber.

That Pause / Resume looks nice!
That would make life a lot easier :smile:


Does anyone know where I can buy a relay similar to this? (located in EU as im from malta and its hard to aquire items from USA)

Congrats on the setup Francis :slight_smile: