Day-One Mods & Upgrades

What size X Carve did you order? The larger ones tend to need more work upfront over the smaller ones.

I would look around a bit and see what some of the guys have done to stiffen the gantry. The 2 extrusions that make it up tend to flex a bit on the larger models. My shapeoko and X Carve are both the smaller sized so not as much of an issue for my. My larger mill is based on 60x60 extrusions so flex is not an issue there. I would also look into a full metal bed if you can. Most of us use these[50-3000%2F1]&SeriesSpec=D001%3A%3A500&PNSearch=HFSQN4-15250-500#optionContainer and they work very well.

You will probably want a few extra collet sizes for the 611. They have a several week lead time from order to delivery. I ordered a 4mm 6mm and a 1/8 inch adapter.

You should also start looking at software. Meshcam or Vectric vCarve or Aspire are good places to start

Here are a couple of sources for collets.!!!Dewalt_611!!!Collet!!!PG!!!#Tabs

What software are you looking at that will run on Linux?

I have the Elaire collets for the 611, but am more than happy using the adapter I originally bought from eBay. I’ve been cutting lexan and wood since I assembled the x-carve with it and no issues.

I will be putting in an order for my X-Carve unit and 611 soon, so forgive me if this question sounds silly, but what are the extra collets needed for?

The 611 comes with a collet that only allows you to use 1/4 inch bits. If you want to use 1/8 inch bits. You will need the 1/8 inch collet or an adapter.

I have found that bits with 6mm or 4mm shanks are often much cheaper on eBay. So I got those size collets also.

@AllenMassey Thank you for elaborating. So 1/4 and 1/8 are the common one’s I should be looking at? And I should be buying these from e-bay, or do the local big box stores have them as well.

The source I have seen for 611 collets is

Be sure you choose the palm router collets that fit the 611

@AllenMassey Thank you so much!! :smiley: