Ddcsv3.1 grbl and gcode issues

Afternoon all.

Is there a way to get the designs that I have done and used with ugs, to run with a ddcsv3.1?

It seems to be different gcode. Is there such thing as a garbled to gcode converter?

What doesn’t work? Grbl uses pretty basic gcode that most controllers would understand.


Its an issue with gcode. Easel puts out a .nc code and the ddcs needs a .gc code from what i can work out.

Gcode is just text. You can open it with any text editor.
Change the extension to whatever you need.
Are you sure about the *.gc extension?

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I have run code that ran fine with UGS and it went wrong with ddcs, it seems more of the depth that goes wrong. Ive only read online that that is the issue. I suppose it could be a dcsv3.1 issue.

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Sounds like a step/mm issue possibly. You’ll have to calibrate the machine for a new controller.
From the manual, page 19

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