Deactivate "Carve" so it does not connect to my machine

Hello - I have been using a different control software…when I switched to Pro, I tried setting up my machine in Easel just to see how it works. I have decided to use my old control software (mainly due to my probe thickness of only 1.5mm and can’t figure out how to change in Easel). When I have Easel open, it automatically connects to my machine and forces me to close Easel to allow my other control software to connect. Hope that makes sense…just need to know how to have Easel Pro forget my machine. Thanks!

a custom probe thickness can be entered into easel during the machine setup dialoge, there is a page that has you test the probe function and after testing, you can then select a grey “advanced settings” button at the bottom and enter custom probe functions and the custom thickness in there, however I suggest deleting other profiled before doing this as switching between profiles will erase ALL saved thickness setting.

If you want to have easel forget your machine, you can go to Machine> then select the machine profile from the dropdown, and then go to Edit Machine and select the red delete machine button.
BUT this will also remove a bunch of abilities like setting hardware spindle control and setting the machine work area, so this might not be the optimal solution to removing the carve button.

Personally, i just plug in the UBS and mash the “connect” button on my 3rd party sender, usually it will grab the connection b4 easel, if it doesn’t connect in 2 seconds of mashing connect, i’ll remove the usb and do it a 2nd time, almost always works within 2 tries.

You could also go search your PC for the easel driver and delete that, then easel will have no way of getting access to any USB ports until it’s installed again :man_shrugging:

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Thank you SethCNC! Appreciate the help.

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