Dead Dewalt 611

Has anyone else killed their Dewalt spindle in less than three months? Mine dies this weekend. Luckily I have another one I was using in its original intention so I am back up and running. The date stamp on mine is 2015.

I had the same thing happen.
I think mine lasted ~3weeks.
Inventables was good enough to Immediately send out a new one.
I bought a spare for “Just in case”
Also, keep spare brushes on hand.

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It is most likely the brushes. They can be replaced in just a few minutes.

The brushes have about 150-200 hours of use in them.


Thanks! Brushes ordered.

I burned my first set up in 2 months from running too fast when I first got the machine. They are lasting a lot longer now.

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I’ve only seen one post mentioning how fast the router should be operated. The settings are from 1 to 6. I know if probably depends on the material, but what’s the general consensus?

Great info Phil, thanks!

Should we be modding the DeWalt to run slower? I’ve seen the C3 forum post about that and/or buying a SuperPID to control the speed.

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Yes. I killed two Dewalt 611. Had a hard time finding them. I looked at Home Depot and Lowes. The first ones I bought the warranty. They told me when I bought the policy they would keep track of it. No way, they wanted the exact date I bought it, I just stood there and said I can wait but they couldn’t. The waiting line hit six people and they decided to give me store credit. That’s what I wanted in the first place. They still don’t have a Dewalt in stock. Went to another store. They also were out.

re talking about Hatachi 12vc? Makita doesn’t make a vc model. If so are you going to mount it to your linear slide because I am about to do the same on my new build and have been wondering if the new X rail can handle it. CLYDO.

Two Questions:

  • MDF isn’t supposed to chip, is it? So far I’ve only worked with MDF and all I get is what I’d call dust.
    At least the heat buildup on the Bit and Collar has significantly decreased once I started adding proper Feed & Speed’s to F360’s Tool Library.
  • On an X-Carve V2 - Is there a rule of thumb recommendation on the DoC when it comes to F360’s Adaptive Clearing/Trochoidal Milling method? Still only 2:1 ratio or is 1:1, maybe even 1:2 a possibility?
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Robert, It is not what you want but I am getting brushes for DWP611PK from

Less than $6.00 US… Cheers

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Happy to order you an extra set and ship them @RobertCanning

Hum! I see… where do you get these brushes… could you get them directly from Dewalt???
Yes I know you need a pair of those per spindle.

Free shipping

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Anyone tried something like

Searching the forums I found lots of posts about people considering something like this, but I didn’t see anyone talking about actually doing it successfully.

Mine died in less than a week of use. Inventables told me they couldn’t do anything about it and I have to go through Dewalt. Apparently it will take over a month to fix it and get it back. I did 5 carves before it didn’t work anymore and now I have to pay for the repair myself even though ive only had the xcarve for three weeks. Very disappointed in this

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that’s a bummer. usually first culprit is brushes, but less than a week is odd.

the makita rt0701c router is supposed to be pretty solid. i just picked one up to replace my dewalt for the better rpm range.

Yeah I researched the brushes but I’m not sure that’s what it is. The bottom of the router is leaking black (not sure if it’s grease or what). I vacuumed out the top but the brushes look fine. I’ve got a Makita 6.5 amp 1 1/4 HP with the three different bases and I love it, but I doubt it will fit with my xcarve. I just ordered another Dewalt from Lowe’s and I’m hoping that turning the speed down a little might make this one last longer but good grief it’s feustrating having to undo everything

If its the RT0700-model it will fit when using a couple of coke cans as shims.
Its a solid performer.

The Dewalt when used on speed setting 1 should typically last 150-200hrs, much less if pushed harder.