Dead X Axis Stepper Motor

So late last night mid-job my X Axis Stepper died. Today I went through everything and did full testing. There is not a short, I checked all connections. If I switch out the Z Axis and X Axis control wires the X Axis still does not work while jogging the X Axis drives the Z Axis just fine. Same result on the Z Axis jogging the X. Just jerks back and forth. I ran a cable directly from the driver to the X Axis stepper on the gantry, same result. Connected another stepper to the connection on the Gantry and it worked fine. Reconnected the X Axis stepper and same result, jerks back and forth.

Removed the motor and same result on both the TinyG and the Leadshine DSP drivers, Jerks back and forth.
So calling it a dead motor. Going ahead and replacing X and Y Axis motors with upgraded 185OZ NEMA 23 dual shaft motors to reduce the chance of another motor messing up mid-job. The two good motors will stand in reserve for the Z Axis motor if it ever gives up the ghost.

Will update once they arrive and are installed.

I pretty much only mill aluminum but never drive the mill too hard as a perfect finish on my projects is a total must in my book. Not sure why the motor gave out as it is VERY rare to have a bad stepper motor. But all things can and will fail at some point.

Setup is: 500X500 X Carve with Planet CNC MK3 controller and Leadshine DM442 DSP drivers (x4) set at 16 microsteps. 24V power supply to drivers. .8KW water cooled 220 VFD spindle.

Take your cooling fan off, you’ll see three square pods on Gshield. They’re lettered for X/Y/Z. you can turn clockwise to give more power to your Stepper. But be careful, too much power activates thermal shutdown. Let say if it is on 12 o’clock position turn it to 1 o’clock and try again.

Hey Alan,

Thanks for the suggestion but I never used the stock shield. I run a Planet CNC MK3 controller ( ) and Leadshine DM442 DSP drivers ( ) All the voltages are digitally controlled and I have over 100hrs of milling time on the motor already without any issues. After extensive testing it was found that the motor is bad. I have odered a replacement/upgraded motors for the X and Y Axis and the old Y Axis motors will be standby motors if the Z Axis ever dies also. Thanks for the help though! I guess I might have misplaced where this post should be. It is not as much asking for help as it is relaying how I fixed the dead motor issue.

I’m so sorry, didn’t even check your previous history or your name. I thought you’re new to this. Because we always help newbies.

No harm done at all! I see your pots all the time and know you are just helping out as always! It is guys like you that make the forum so good! I miss-posted today on another post while milling (not a good idea to do both at same time it seems) and had to scramble to get my postings right. We all get in a hurry to help others out it seems which is good really.


That’s why it’s callled a “community” even though most of us will never actually meet face to face.