Dead x-carve :back alive

I am posting this for folks who might encounter a similar situation:

So last night I went to carve a sign, and first noticed easel was showing the connection as “blue” (i.e. disconnected) which was weird since I had just finished another job. Anyway, that’s when I noticed that the x-controller was silent (the fans are almost always on strongly). So I checked the power connection etc and it was all good (I knew the outlet was good since the little fanless PC was on the same outlet). I took the case off and didn’t see any loose wires on the PSU. So I submitted a support ticket and @GiovannaDiazFabiani from support quickly came back with the suggestion that I needed to REALLY reset the e-stop button (by disassembling it). Magically that did fix it and the machine came back to life. I hit the e-stop guts with compressed air to get whatever was causing the failure out. I did verify after that the e-stop button worked as expected. I am so gad it’s working since I was trying to figure out where I could get a 400W 24VDC PSU to run the job I had to get out.

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