Decent 2D CAD program?

I am looking for a decent 2D CAD program like AutoCAD or TurboCAD that I can use to design projects then transfer them to Easel via Inkskape if nessasary. What do yall suggest? Thanks

VCarve Desktop and then use UGS or PicSender as your gcode sender.

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Another vote for Vcarve.

You can try Fusion 360 and still export the Gcode and send using Easel or UGS or

What are you trying to draw?
A lot can be done in inkscape, although I would put that in a different category.

Draftsight2018 individual is free for personal use.


For example, I am trying to create a basic block to insert all my bits in. I am wanting to make a block with holes spaced a certain distance apart. I am wanting to be able to draw simple 2D figures. Thanks

I really like the looks of Draftsight but it will let me download but it won’t let me install it for some reason.

Make sure you downloaded the correct version for your Windows system. 64 bit vs 32 bit.

I double-checked and I downloaded the correct 32 bit version. It lets me download it but when I try to install it, it says… The wizard was interrupted before DraftSight 2018 could be completely installed. I may just have to find another program. Thanks for the advise. I have an older cad program called DeltaCAD, but I can’t seem to open up the drawing in Inkscape to trace it to send to Easel.

Can you share the DXF here?

Sketchup. Its free for hobbyist. It is 3d but you can do 2d just as easy.

Another vote for Fusion360, powerful and cheap (free for start-ups & hobbyists)
Powerfull and capable CAM module than can export code for direct use with X-carve.

Fusion 360 is a perfect pairing with a CNC machine, but I wouldn’t call it a 2D CAD program.