Deep topic - my first pass is .0625 too deep every cut

I am not sure what is going on but the x-carve was working great until today. I ran a project and quickly stopped it because the first cut appears to be too deep. I did some test and it consistently makes the first cut .0625 too deep. It then makes the rest of the passes so the overall depth is .0625 too deep as well. I tried it with two different computers. Updated the firmware. Updated two different browsers and everything I changed didn’t effect the problem at all. I carved in the center of a board and at the left and right sides. Its always the same. My overall depth of cut is .1. I tried it with the recommended cut settings and I also tried a .035 depth per pass. The shapes look correct. I also homed the carver and then raised the bit by .0625 above the work and the carve worked as it should if home was 1/16th above the actual home. Any ideas?

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Curious if this isn’t my issue as well. I recently had to install Easel Local again the other day which I though was odd. Have you installed Easel local recently?

No, I haven’t on my computer and I doubt it was installed on the other computer either although I didn’t check. We are a school and its another teachers computer. Did your’s do a similar thing?

I am making a full profile cut on 0.21" material, on the second to final pass, it cuts through slightly into the wasteboard and on the final pass the cut is completely in the wasteboard. It’s confusing me because I have my steps calibrated and everything.

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I have fixed the issue. Oddly enough all I did is completely unplug the xcarve for a couple of minutes to allow all electrical charges to dissipate. Our machine had been vacuumed off and my theory is that a static charge may have fouled something so unplugging it let it discharge. As an old coworker use to tell me. “I may be wrong but you can’t prove it.” Who knows but it is now operational. :slight_smile: