Deer Decoration

I couldn’t find any of these to buy so I made a image so I could hand cut these out. Figured Id put it into Easel if anyone wanted to make them. These can be resized to any size you want. The slots are separate shapes. Just select them and change the width to your material thickness and should fit great.


I laser cut some, but I added a painted red nose. :grin:

Before painting nose.


I made a buck doe and baby. Bucks almost 6 feet tall. Kids are suppose to paint them tomorrow well see if that happens. Bc of pinterest now my wife wants me to run a red Christmas light to the nose.

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Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

What type of laser do you have?
What kind of wood is that and how thick?
After seeing some of Phil’s projects, it got me thinking about a laser too.

I have an Emblaser 1.
I replaced the original laser diode with another that I can run at the max amps for the Emblaser (3 amps max).

The wood is 1/8" cherry I buy from an eBay seller. I’m on my third batch now and so far all boards have been consistent in quality. The quality from another seller I tried varied too much for consistent laser cutting.

It takes about 5 passes at 15 inch/min to get a clean burn through, although some parts of the wood do burn through in 2 passes. I have some maple from the same seller but I have not yet used any it for laser cutting.

I strongly recommend the J-Tech laser ( like Phil and others have added to their XCarves, although I do not have a J-Tech myself.


I have bought quite a bit of wood from that seller and have been very pleased with the quality.

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