Default Cut Depths

Brand new user and having fun.

I was attempting to cut to a 1/32" depth with a 1/32" bit in melamine material. Being new, the recommended settings would be my friend. Why is the recommended cut depth for the 1/32" bit over twice the diameter of the bit?

After some reading I found that you should be cutting 1/2 the diameter of the bit on each pass. I compared the recommended depth of cuts for all other bit sizes and they are very close if not less than 1/2 the diameter of the bit. Is this a software recommended setting issue with Easel?

Not good for beginners, the bit snapped with less than 3" of a line cut and those bits are not the cheapest.

Cut depth is not just the diameter of the bit!
You have chip load and how many cutting blades as well.
for those bits you want a smaller cut depth than the recommended to start with.
BTW I broke 3 of those already.
Try using a cut depth of .015" to start with and gently increase it but do not go more than 0.0625"
Also depending on your material. MDF you can go 30 IPM and a bit faster sometimes.
Plastic you will want to go slower and use air to blow the chips out.
Metal you will be going slow as well and use air or a liquid for coolant and to get rid of those metal chips.
Others here have had much more experience than me and can give you better settings.