Default Easel Header and Footer?

Hi everyone. I am getting ready to do a carve I created in Vcarve and transferred over to Easel. When I clik on Carve the dialog box appears, asking me if I want to add the default Easel header & footer…I dunno? Do I want to?

I am attempting to do my first 2.5 D (?) carve - A Magnolia Flower if that makes a difference. Anyways, thanks for any advice y’all can give on this!

Well, what post processor did you select in Vcarve?

If it was the Easel one found here

then you should not even be seeing that prompt. However if you selected a different post processor from Vcarve, that popup is more or less a warning that Easel thinks you might have the wrong settings selected and is offering to change them for you. Are you sure you set them up correctly? if not then accept easels offer… If you know you did everything correctly, then you can ignore the offer.

Sidenote: FYI that is a 3D relief. More info about terminology and axis movement here: What is the difference between 2D, 2.5D and 3D contouring? | FlashCut CNC

Hi Seth and thanks for the reply. Here is the PostP I chose:

I assume that Vetric used the right one in there and you can probably ignore the offer from easel… or to be sure, you could open the gcode file in a word processor and compare it to what easel wants to change it to, see what exactly the differences are and decide whether they need changed or not… Personally I have always ignored the easel offer.

In fact since you’ve already left Easel to make the gcode, I don’t really see a reason to come back to send the gcode. You can use UGS, or my Favorite, OpenBuilds Control as these are superior gcode senders to Easel, with a bunch of built in features that you will like with doing 3d stuff… like the ability to set X and Y separately, from each other (in easel you must set them both at one time)

Thanks for your time/info Seth!

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Thanks once again Seth. I’ve been away from my machine the last year (thanks to Work/Life etc.) and had forgotten all about UGS. I think I’ve gotten it all sorted now, and I’m back to learning more about how to use VCarve and asking my regular dumb questions lol.

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