Default Z Axis at project end

I just finished my first X-carve trial and it went pretty well. My only problem was at the end of the program, the router lifts up to the same height it uses to go between shapes. Then the X-carve heads towards Home with the running router at that height. As such, it ran into one of the hold downs. Is there a way to change that default lift height at the end of the program to something higher? Perhaps in one of the advanced settings?

Go in to machine then advanced and set the saftey height to what ever you want. image

I believe what Wayne is suggesting isn’t a master setting you will have to set it on each carve. I hit mine occasional as well. You can do a simulation before you run your project this will give you an idea were the router will go and can plan your hold down placement appropriately.

Good to know. Thank you both very much.

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