Defective belts?

Any one having belt issues with new machine builds? New machine out of the box. went to tighten the belts, and With very little tension (SNAP) and i do mean very little! Possibly defective? well so close to finished and this happens.

sound like to tight. old belt, I an using metal rigid track and spring tentioning.on my next project, no belts on any of it.

Well that would be true. but i had placed the bolt in the bracket and stretched it to install the nut and snap. Maybe Old Belt.

having spent my youth on an assembly line I have seen a lot of “new” parts that are shot. They set on a shelf to long or fell behind the parts bin.

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For a machine I got from another source, I had a premature belt failure, so replaced belts and pulleys with 9mm wide ones from SDP/SI — they seem to be much better quality and “grippier”.

I really wish all the vendors would note sources for parts and provide a list of alternates — tried to do that on the Shapeoko wiki: and would welcome additional sources of documented provenance.

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