Defined "Snugly"

Assembly instructions read “Adjust the v-wheels on each gantry side plate so the v-wheels run snugly on the rails, but not so tight that they bind”.

Seems kinda subjective to me. Of course the words used in my question are subjective also because not everyone would push with the same effort…if I were to push it with soft effort should it continue to roll some after I stop?

General consensus is that if you can’t move/spin the wheels with 1 finger but you can with 2, they are adjusted properly.

How does that play out when the assemblies on the rails? With one finger pushing on a wheel, it won’t move but, with 2 fingers pinching a wheel, I am able to get it to move then?

Sorry for sounding anal, I just want to make sure I understand.

You can hold the carriage/plates in place and try to spin the wheel. It should just spin. If one finger spins it in place, it’s too loose. If two fingers don’t spin it, it’s too tight.

Gotcha. Thanks!