Delete line from a closed object like a rectangle

How can I remove one side of a rectangle in Easel?

The part I have to cut out is a strange piece 12" wide and the material is 12" wide. I cannot hold it down on one side. But regardless, is there an App to convert a closed object into individual paths? I thought there is, I just did not find it (?)

Thank you in advance.

I think it is impossible. A closed object has an inside and outside, so it make sense to cut inside or outside. Once you make it lines, it can only cut on the line. Not good :frowning:

you can use the line tool and make a line with the desired shape… OR place a 0 depth rectangle on top of that side you want to not cut.

Ahhh… You are golden. I am using the line tool, but you have to adjust the location as it cuts ON the line. Adding/subtracting half the drill diameter. BUT covering with a rectangle works, that way I don’t have to modify/delete the original shape.
Thanks Seth!!!

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