Delete missing from projects with long titles [fixed]

If the title is too large, it clips the delete button

Make sure whoever fixes it gets a copy of the book.


Place your view on icons (it is the four square boxes) on top and then the delete button only appears when you hover over the project icon.

@KennethConnell, valid suggestion if one needs a work-around. I’d like a fix.

good catch - I forwarded this to our development team to review. thx!

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thanks @plomac. not a high priority…

Thanks for the report.

Normally, long titles are supposed to wrap to multiple lines, but this wasn’t happening correctly for titles without any spaces or hyphens. We have a fix on the way—I’ll update this thread when it’s live.

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It’s been fixed:

We also fixed a similar issue in the grid view.

Thanks again for reporting the problem.