Deleting line and removing text

Need help. I want to remove a line.the line that is cutting directly through fire department logo. Also the Seattle logo was imported so is there a way to delete the current font to add my own? When I did a test cut I did not like the font. It was hard to read. Would like to use a easier font. Also both images are separate.

seattle 1.docx (186.5 KB)
seattle 2.docx (30.6 KB)
seattle 3.docx (19.5 KB)
seattle 4.docx (131.2 KB)
seattle 5.docx (104.0 KB)

In Easel click the shape/object you want to edit and press E.
Small circles will appear on the object line. You can now edit (E) and delete as seen fit.

Only issue I’m coming across now is when I press delete it moves towards the top of the skyline moving the vertical linesea.docx (107.1 KB)
Any advice on the wording?