Deleting lines in between text

I did a bit of research on the vcarve site and could not find the answer. Does anybody know how to delete the lines in between the text.

In the light blue bar on the left. Under the “objects” heading. There is a pair of scissors. Just click on the lines you want to delete.

Yep, the scissor tool is the solution

If that is actual text, like a font, then you will need to convert the text object to curves first. Select the text, click on the T icon with the dots picutred here, THEN use your scissors icon:

@Earwigger Yup that was what I was looking for. Thanks for the help!!

@RobertCanning the font is not image trace it’s font I have font a couple years ago. Does that answer your question?

I’ve cut that font (BlackAdder?) with V-Carve and it does not take much long if at all. It does jiggle its way through it but were talking a couple minutes. Definitely less than 10 minutes. Are you using a F-Engrave or another program?

Unless it is HUGE and you have flats, but then I would use a larger area clearance tool.

CORRECTION!. It takes more than twice as long! This calculates to 22 minutes at 50ipm, sized at 10 x 10" as opposed to 10 minutes using Arial font. So… I was wrong - it will easily double your time, but it shouldn’t take hours.

Yes it’s Black Adder. So far not long on the carve and I haven’t got the hang of F-engrave yet, so I use VCarve.

What bit are you using? I’m using a 90 but finding it’s not giving great detail.

Regular 1/2" 60 degree bit from Home Depot - it needs to be sharp. Plus soft woods like cedar, pine, etc will not hold detail well. Walnut and cherry work great, poplar and oak are good too but I apply sanding sealer to those prior to carving and it gives a better edge.

V-carve is superior an almost every way to f-engrave - stick with that.

For a lot of my V-Carving, I actually run the cut twice if there is fuzz. The second pass really cleans up the cut.

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@RobertCanning have you tried selecting the vector using the vector point selection tool (the arrow tool next to the ‘normal’ selection arrow) which will show all the vector points, select the points you want to smooth (draw the selection box around them), then type “s” (for smooth).

This will turn all the selected points from “angular” points (not sure of the correct terms here, I’m at work) into “smooth” points. This has the effect of smoothing everything out…

Looks like I need to invest into a 60 degree bit

Nice. I am enjoying V-carve myself.
I too need to get a 60° Vbit.
(Just a note for those of you who want the symbol instead of typing out degree all you have to do is this. Press and hold the Alt key then type 0176 and then release the Alt key)

° hey look I got it

Can’t find alt on my iPad…