Delrin nut for lead scew were to get one

Unfortunitly Inventables only sells it as a kit . Kinda odd as lead screw isn’t wearing out so everyone will have lead screws sitting around. Anyone have a source for this Delrin nut

Did you found a supplier for the nut?


Here is a technical drawing published by Inventables. You can probably make one yourself if you’d like.

432-00001.pdf (273.8 KB)

Also, google helped me find this.

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Awesome! it is not that I need it now, but I have a box of spares, and those custom parts are hard to get in times of desperation :smiley:

but having those exact diagrams, maybe is a better idea to 3d a holder for something like this

I just ordered one (I think) from Aliexpress. Hope it works.

Can you share which one you bought? does it fit ok?