Delrin Nut issue

I noticed my Z axis binding when I would get towards the top of the axis… I have found that if I loosen the bolts going into the Delrin Nut this bind goes away. I can see slight wobble in the ACME rod, but its the matter of 1/4 turn on the bolts and the bind is gone. Am I ok to leave these backed off by 1/4?

Have you tried running the axis up and down a few times to see if the binding goes away (with the bolts tight)?

Yah, quite a few times… Binds to the point it will only move maybe .1 inch or lower on a .5 movement , then i back off 1/4 turn on both bolts and it moves freely

My only concern is that with all the movement and vibration on the machine a bolt not tightened will only get looser.

has anyone used wd40 or some other lubricant on the screw to reduce friction? Mine works fine, however at one spot it makes some rubbing noise. not sure what is going on.

I use this about once a week:

I spray it on and run the axis up and down a few times…works great.

awesome! thanks!

I have this same problem. Inventables sent a new nut and threaded rod, but I have not swapped them out yet. I think some of the nuts had manufacturing issues.

Acme or “regular”? I’ve found the Acme rod works best. But I don’t really have a “stock” anything anymore…

@ZachKaplan I have the same problem. Have meant to address this with you a while back but forgot. What’s the procedure for procuring a new nut and ACME rod that I purchased with my machine. Everything @TonyNo describes is exactly what’s happening. Is there a new Delrin nut and Rod available?

I have already tried the lubricant above and a graphite lubricant by CRC.

I also tried backing the screws out on the Bosch mount to the Delrin nut but have found it increases runout and the bottom of my carves are not smooth.

I found that my binding was at the top position…I simply added shims to the z axis mounting and re-squared my spindle. For me it was an alignment issue when I upgraded my SO2 to the x-carve carriage