Dentil mouldings

Anybody have any ideas on how to build a dentil moulding? I’ve looked for 3D models to no avail. I’m thinking of maybe some 1/4" bit runs but am still formulating how that might look in VC.


It’s for clock making, so it has to be done in matched wood or I would buy it, too. :slight_smile:
I don’t need a lot of it, either.

Just something rather simple like the pic below.

On a clock, it would be something like:


I’m having a tough time finding them. I did a search for molding and it takes me to ‘free models’ but most are from that Russian guy with the sketchy URL’s that never seem to bring me to something to actually download.

I"ve got a tablesaw ( i have a ton of woodworking tools) but was not looking to have to build yet another sled for something I’m not going to do much of.

Yeah, that is the video I saw. I’ve got the dado blades and a “normal” sled that took forever and a day to get the back set at 90 degrees. I like the idea of a wider board and ripping it. I may just take a 1/4" bit and have it cut a the groove pattern on my XC and then rip it on the TS.

try building two sections of it in easel and them using the replicator app to make it as long as you need.

This is what I had in mind if you wanted to go this way. You would have slight round over in the corners but it keeps it simple.

Thanks everyone. I suspect I’m gonna do some on XC and finish it out table saw.

Phill you are not the only one, when I clicked I completely expected to see grandpa’s dentures…LMAO

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