Depth and Speed for 1/4" Spiral up Cut on 4x4 PRO

Looking for an average speed and the depth of pass I can achieve when cutting through 3/4" (18mm) Baltic Birch with 1/4" Amana 46315K SC bit. I have a 1000mm but am looking to upgrade for several reasons. Looking to go production so time is more important now of course. I don’t want to push it too hard. I know to look for chips and not powder. Any help is appreciated!

Amana has a feed and speed section for each end mill. The 46315-K has the following:

Spindle RPM: 18,000
Feed Rate: 180 inches per minute
On ramp down speed it has 90 inches per minute but I’d go with maybe 30 or 40 at first.

Depth of cut I’d stick with half the diameter of the cutting diameter at first. 1/8" for this one.

All of the above are suggestions. Your mileage may vary with each. If you only have one bit you may want to ease into it and try things first. I’ve had bits bog down on me and stop the machine but I haven’t broken a bit yet (knock on wood). In that case it was because I was using too high of a stepover. Any who, enough of my rambling.


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I run about 140ipm with a depth of cut @ .1 I found this depth rather than .125 seems easier less chatter, it takes an extra couple of passes but saves alot of aggrivation


I may reduce my depth to this and see what kind of results I get. I need to lookup chatter and see what that sounds like. I’m not sure if I’ve had that before. I haven’t lost any steps I don’t think but I could be running the tool/machine too hard. Having recently purchased the XCP I’ve never been able to run tools this fast before so I’m just basing my starting numbers off of the end mill manufacturer’s website.


running to fast or too deep can effect other parts of your machine, i blew a belt on mine last summer and thats when i went from .125 to .1 for a depth per pass uusing a 1/4 uc end mill

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Ooh yeah, I don’t want to break a belt.

I appreciate the help guys!

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