Depth for cut through

I set my material depth 3/8, I add a back board, I set my cut depth 3/8, It cuts through back board and sometimes into my grid board,


No sarcasm intended but have you measured the thickness of the material? I always drop my micrometers even if using OSB or ply. Honestly only adding this because I see a lot of people who are new to woodworking and don’t measure. If you think its 3/8 and add 3/8 for sacrificial backing you are telling the machine its 3/4 from the grid but if you are using 1/4 and 1/4 then you are 1/4 off…

Also, are you setting new coordinates when you start the cut or are you going off previous?

No sarcasm taken, I think I don’t know how to do math,

I put 1/8 backer measure my material at 3/8 set cut depth on drawing to 3/8 set home position at top of material including backer, it cuts through backer +

Is it cutting through the backer and grid all throughout the cut or just in some areas? Materiel could not be the same thickness throughout or could not be level? Kinda new to this so just throwing ideas out there.

  • Find your waste board zero
  • Jog up a known distance, slightly more that the material + back board.
  • Jog to your intended X/Y zero point, hovering above a corner, center position or any other intended work zero point.
  • Set carve depth for project to the same minus half the back board nominal thickness
  • Use this as your Homing Position / Work zero

If you’re cutting more than an eighth of an inch too deep, there might be a mechanical issue. Possible you’re losing steps on your Z. Check the set screws on the Z pulley.

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The only way Easel will cut deeper than the distance you set in the design is if your Z home position on the material is not 0. Make sure your work position for Z is 0 when the bit is touching the material.

Maybe check the calibration of the z axis, and the flatness of your washboard. I had same issue when starting out. Found out just how warped my washboard was. (lower in center than in the corners.) Once I milled that down on a secondary washboard, and square everything up, now have no issues.

My advice is always measure your stock. Don’t believe what stores advertise. Same goes with endmills.

Their advertised specs are off more often than not.