Depth from left to right keeps getting deeper?

HI everyone great to be here, new to all of this but I am having a challenge were any project that I run the left side is the the correct depth but by the time it gets to the end (the right sorry if the term or not correct) it is 3-5 mm deeper and messing up my projects and burring the wood… not sure what is causing this.

This is what I have done so far to correct the issue:
1- removed all the waste board and planned it down, reinstalled and made sure everything measures the same from the board to the cross bar with the router (did not fix the problem)
2- reinstall off the software and firmware (did not fix the problem)
3-went through the firmware e and found line 112 and 134 were not correct and changed them (still did not fix the problem)
4- made sure the router bit was not slipping down (but that would not make any sense)

so at this point I have no idea how to fix it can anyone hep??

Hi Joe,
first off, the removal part is a no no . use your cnc to plane and/or parallel.
CNC BED LEVEL | Inventables

also check this out

Flattening A Wasteboard On the Onefinity CNC - YouTube

The wasteboard should be surfaced on the cnc and not run through a planer.
There is some more info on this in the last section of the assembly guide

Surfacing the wasteboard on the cnc makes the top surface parallel to the cncs plane of movement.

But also you may have issue with gutting plywood perfectly parallel since it usually has some amount of cup, twist, or bow to it…

I prefer to also surface the workpiece on the cnc whenever possible, but this isnt with plywood…

Sometimes i use this shimming method too, you could do this before Surfacing to see how out of parallel the setup is currently.

ok great thanks, is it possible that the z axis is losing steps, because when I change the orientation of the project and even move it to a different part of the table it still does the same thing? thanks

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That is possible. Is this the standard xcarve post nov 2021 model?
The z lowering on its own is less likely with that model than the pre-nov 2021 or even the xcarve pro under certain circumstances.

If you carve left to right then rerun the carve selecting “use last” for x,y & z (if you select manual z this is an option, but it doesnt show this option if you select probe z) does it end up recarving that left one deeper? If it does that would indicate the z is dropping during the carve, or maybe the bit itself is falling out of the collet.

yes this it is the xcarve post 2021 just got it a week ago… I will try what you have suggested to see what happens… I have been watching the bit to see if that is the issue but currently it is not… I will let you now what happens
thanks for your response

I followed your instructions doing manual probe and starting from last xyz and it keep getting deeper

it seems the z is not retracting enough and it compounds each time it goes to the next letter

Havw you tried that shimming test atop the workpiece to see if the top is parallel to the gantrys plane of movement, the best fix if they are not parallel is to surface the wasteboard and the workpiece.

Issue has been solved… Thanks to to Francis Peet from inventables support help me find the problem… the screws were loose for the Z lead and Z motor connection

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