Depth help/question

Okay after spending the last hour looking through these older posts I have not run across this issue yet, so here is my question.

I have the XC 1000mm with Dewalt Router running Vcarve Pro I have noticed that there are times when I run a program with the depth set to .125 I will get one project that it will cut to the right depth then I can run it again and it will cut to .2 - .25" I home the machine and set the it up with the Z probe each time so I am not sure if it is the machine or something in the code between vcarve and Easel.

Has anyone run into this before and/or have a suggestion on what I can do to get the depth the same each time.


When you say “run it again”, do you mean on a second piece of stock for a second project, or are you re-running the carve on your original piece for some reason?

When it carves twice as deep, does it try to do most of it in one aggressive pass? Or is it taking twice as many passes?

Run the same program on a 2nd piece and I have seen it do both just plunge in and carve all at the same time or make several passes.
This project I set it to make 2 passes 1@.00625 2@.125
But when it started cutting it still went much deeper than this.

Also worth mentioning that I did take the material into account it is clamped down and not bowed out in the middle

What happen if you design a test piece within Easel, omitting Vcarve from the chain?

Sounds like you have a depth offset or a material/stock offset defined in Vcarve.

If gcode is the same, the machine will follow the same toolpath. It won’t do two passes one time and one deep pass another.
How are you setting zero between jobs?

I will have to try that next to see if there is a difference. But I use the probe each time to set the height but on this last piece I had it set to cut everything to .125 and it cut one part at .25 and the other part at .205

I set the code to do 2 passes it is the overall cut depth that is deeper than what it is supposed to be. Not that it is doing a different tool path overall just to clarify