Depth incorrect

Hey guys!

Somewhat new to the carving scene but have about 50 hours in my machine so far. I have noticed in some of my recent cuts that my depth on the left side of my machine is correct and the depth at the far right is .030 deeper than the left. Everything is measuring out correctly from board to gantry. Tried calling inventables and they were not much assistance so I thought I would turn to the operators to see if there is anything you guys can do to assist!
Thanks in advance

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Either your wasteboard is not truly parallell with Z-height, or you have play in your Z-carriage or your work piece isnt uniform in thickness.

Add a 2nd layer of spoil board and perform a skim cut of its surface, that way you ensure that its truly parallell to Z axis.

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The depth of the router is almost a 1/4 in higher at the very end of the Y axis (75 mm) vs the router zeroed at the beginning of the Y axis (0 mm). Please help I have been nothing but frustrated since I started putting this together, between the missing screws upon assembly, no help over the phone and 2 projects which were ruined due to improper depths I am at my limit. Please, please, please help me address this issue before I lose my mind feel

Can you add some photos for clarity?
The waste board will never be 100% precise and for full control you need to:

  • Mount/shim the waste board as good as it gets. Support the middle as it can sag a little.
  • Add a 2nd waste board on top (6-10mm thick)
  • “Skim cut” the top surface, this will ensure that the wasteboard surface is parallell to bit height.
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