Depth Issues in only of two apps

Having a strange issue. I have an X-Carve with the X-Controller. Have been using it a couple of years but have always used Fusion 360 and CNCjs. Needed to cut a half a dozen holes in some MDF so Easel seems like it would be faster/easier, but holes were only half their depth.

Simple Test: Go into CNCjs, home machine lower Z 10mm and bit moves 10mm. Go into Easel, home machine lower Z 10mm and bit moves 5mm. Research says maybe $102 is wrong. I have upgraded the Z and use a different lead screw. I don’t remember what settings I changed but I turned the Z when I changed the Z-Axis and all works fine in CNCjs.
How can one be correct and the other be wrong? Does CNCjs use different command(s) that don’t use $102? My concern is if I change $102 to make easel work, then CNCjs will now go twice as deep as intended.


Did you go back to CNCjs and try again?
If you went through the setup in Easel, you may have changed your $102.

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