Depth issues

Okay here’s the rundown, I just installed my new 611 and did the xcarve machine setup on easel. The depth of cuts seems to be way off compared to the 24spindle I just replaced. Ie: I just made a simple project of cutting out letters, the depth of material was .75 or 3/4 and i was just doing a simple outline cutout. Put the tabs in place and all and off to the carve button and off it goes. ( i did zero it at the top of the board by the way) anyways it goes and goes, and goes all the way to the chuck goes into the wood, it is cutting the words out like normal, but the depth just keeps getting deeper and deeper, until like i said the chuck goes into the wood. I finished cutting each piece out by stopping and deleting each piece as it was finished, due to me not finding out why this was happening, Also for a side not i told it i wanted .5 inch tabs which never appeared. I am wondering if it was something in the font program or the machine is just off. I have carved some other things with no real problem, but the depth always seems just a lil deeper than what I put in… Any hints or tips…i have tried making depths shallower than actually what wood is in order to stop this, it works but is a guessing game at times

Were you using an upcut bit, and have you ever adjusted the potentiometer for the Z stepper up? An upcut bit will tend to dig down into the wood like a drill bit, and if the Z pot is low then the bit could be exerting enough force to pull it down.

Since the 611 is so much heavier than the spindle, you may need to re-adjust all three pots.

I don’t think the thread will allow for the bit to pull down the Z axis, you can try to do it by hand, also impossible.

why not try zero out the bit to the work area, then move it up by mm to some number then check the space between the cutter and the work, then you have two options one is to go into the software and the second is what I do I make sure that the bit is always set to a length from the bottom of the router to the end of the bit…

Maybe not, but it’s something to check. It could also be the 611 being pulled down through the mount if the mount isn’t tightened enough, but if it’s a hardware issue my money is on lost steps due to a low Z pot.

Im gonna try uping the pot power first. I did just put in a new gshield last month and thought i had it dailed in. Maybe needs a little more power though. It seems like it only does it on certain things. Ie: making large letters off easel. But ive carved multiple projects since this and depth hasnt been a issue. Maybe it was a fluke idk