Depth not correct

I set my depth to .1 but the machine is cutting at .132
Is there any way to correct this?

Have you calibrated the machine?

I emailed inventables about that 3 weeks ago, and they never got back with me on how to do it. Could you let me know where I could find that information? Thank you

May '20 - Here is a video on how to calibrate the XCarve How to Calibrate the XCarve: Stepper Calibration YouTube How to Calibrate the XCarve: Stepper Calibration

Thank you so much.

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this is how to calibrate… but i would bet your issue is not calibration, but instead Z zero isn’t set perfectly OR bit pulling forces.

If you Z zeroed to the front left and your wood is actually a little bit lower at that position than where you actually carved, then your depth will appear deeper (basically the wood isn’t perfectly parallel to the spindle movement) Best to Surface the workpiece and then carve & measure.

With an Upcut Bit the cnc will be pulled down and the material up, and you’ll get a deeper than intended depth…

Thank you, actually the problem is my probe. Once I stopped using it and tried going by the old school piece of paper method the machine is spot on.

Interesting, have you paper Z zeroed, got a good depth, then probe Z zeroed and repeated the excess depth issue? (troubleshooting and technical problem solving technique has us theorize the problem, test the believed solution and if we have success with the new process, and then re-introduce the alleged problem to verify the fault re-appears before fixing again and verifying again that the problem had been resolved.)

Is the probe 14.99mm thick, or a different thickness?

(Ignore the rest if the probe thickness is thinner than the 14.99mm used by easel as default, cause that would explain the issue right there…)
Are you setting Z zero directly atop the place of the carve, or offset to a side/corner?
I know in the prior posts I also shared a workpiece leveling technique and discussed surfacing on the CNC.

Also did you make these measurements using the double pocket method I suggested b4?:

We ended up calling inventables, and it was something with the tool probe. She is sending us a new one with the cables. thanks

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