Depth of carve way off

I picked up a used X-carve with a open builds black box controller. For the life of me i cant get the depth of the carve to be accurate. For example if i am cutting a .25 inch Mdf or any materiel. I have to program it to a depth of .9 or 1 inch for it to cut all the way through the material. I use easel and carbide create to design and both give the same issue. I am sure there is some where to calibrate the Z axis, but I cant find it (even tho its probably in the simplest spots). Hopefully you wise men and women of this forum can help me out so i can easily start carving.

Firdt thing you need to check is how far the z axes moves when you tell it to move. Say you tell it to move 1" how far does it move?

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You may have to adjust your $102 setting. See the GRBL link in this thread: