Depth of cut is way off

i bought my machine a yr or so ago, then got busy with something else, now i am back and the depth of cut is off by a mile… put in a 1/4" board and had to cut 1 inch to get thru it.
what am i doing wrong?

Unless you have made changes to the machine, it is quite possible that the X-Carve lost its settings. The easiest route is probably to run through the setup process again. You can always post your settings here so that people can check them out and let you know what might be wrong.


Brandon Parker

What is your $102 value?

You can balance out the discrepancy by changing Z-driver microstep setting or recalculating your $102 value. If we know your value we can determine where to start :slight_smile:

In fusion to select top dead center, you do this as part of the CAM “setup” feature (red arrow):

I also prefer to manually select orientation (I rarely design for some reason model in real-world orientation - my wife often accuses me of being off axis…). The stock box works even if your stock box size is 0 added (i.e. the stock is the model). This operation works for any CNC milling machine (this happens to be setup by default for my tormach but if I change the processor to the x-carve looks identical, just a crap-ton bigger)

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