Depth of cut issues. Cannot not duplicate

Yesterday I was finishing a multi-part project and on the last carve, the depth of cut was deeper on the left vs the right. Material was Poplar. Currently re-carving the same design on scrap pine and no issues. Software glitch?

Not likely.
Maybe a loose Z pulley? Uneven stock/wasteboard? Loose collet?

Everything checked out ok. Machine has been carving 6 days a week for the last month with no issues. Checked collet and end mill and torqued. Test project is currently finishing and no issues.

The only thing that may have been a factor was my internet was sporadically going offline yesterday during the carve. Not sure if that effects Easel.

Intermittent internet won’t affect Easel in controlling the machine.
Warped board? Uneven clamp pressure? Looks like really shallow passes, so clamping could cause that.

Perhaps. Starting final sign and so far so

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