Depth of cut issues problems

New to the X-Carve, been using the Carvey for the past few years. When I set the depth of cut to say a 1/16 of an inch the first pass starts cutting deeper. Suggestions? Is Easel not as accurate of a software as a professional CAD/CAM software?

About 1/4" deeper? Probe enabled?
Easel is accurate enough.

Does it return to the same point after the carve, or does it idle lower after the carve?
The former => user error
The latter => Z is slipping, check pinion
FWIW :slight_smile:

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Yes I’d say thats about right… I do not have the probe, I manually home. It returns to the same height and homing position after the carve, I figured easel was accurate enough since my Carvey work has been pretty solid.

While you do not have a probe, is probing enabled in Easel? If so Easel offset your Z0 by the thickness specified for the touch plate. If that value is 1/4", you place Z0 right on top of your material Easel will think the material is actually 1/4" lower.

If you jog over your material, find its Z0 then jog up 1/4" and use that as home position, will the Xcarve carve air or carve the material to the intended depth?

Another way to check is to open Machine Inspector after you confirm home position, if it read anything other than Z0 for work coordinates there is an offset at play.

Thanks for your help, I’m purchasing the probe and I’ll see how it goes from there. It’s definitely better with some fine tuning with homing.

A probe isn’t necessary (but okay to have for some), the offset is not a unalterable value.
Run a machine setup and you can disable the probe entirely.

Did Machine Inspector give you any clue, as suggested earlier?
Would be nice to know if it is the probe offset and not something else :stuck_out_tongue: