Depth of cut

Having problems with getting Easel to cut the correct depth. When I open up Easel the default depth is 12.5mm so I import the SVG file and change the material thickness to 18.5mm I also change all the other settings to cut at this depth but when I cut the job it always cuts to 12.5mm deep and no deeper. Is the problem with Easel settings or GRBL settings. My router is a home built Rockcliffe D with overhead gantry 1200mm x 600mm with 85mm Z cut. All suggestions gratefully received.

Have you clicked “Something went wrong” after carving, and followed any of the troubleshooting steps Easel provides?

Our troubleshooting info for incorrect cutting depths also is available here:

Set the material thickness, before you do the import.

Tried setting the depth before importing SVG file but no joy so I went back to basics. I checked all my GRBL settings and there it was, I use micro stepping, the x and y were set at 640 steps but somehow the z had reset itself to 320 steps, no idea how although I have been swapping in and out of a few programs recently to try various set ups. Thank you Andy4us for your interest.