Depth per pass and bit size on CarveWright compared to X-carve

I’ve got a 1000mm X-Carve and wonder how it compares to the CNC’s that look like a surface planer like the CarveWright in terms of depth of cut and bit size.

I’ve never seen a CarveWright in action, but it looks like it’ll carve a relief scene in one pass with I assume a tapered bit and a small stepover, I don’t know if that machine ever “backs up” for another pass.

The reason I’m wondering is that on my X-Carve for such a carve I’ve always assumed it would require multiple passes at multiple depths for such a carve, but maybe I’m wrong. Is the CarveWright more/less rigid than the X-Carve? Is the CarveWright slow compared to a similar carve on the X-Carve?

I have a CarveWright. You’re not wrong about the multiple passes vs the CarveWright’s single pass carving. CarveWright uses servo motors and is much more rigid. For doing 3d carves it is incredibly fast compared to the xcarve.

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