Depth problem with Z-axis upgrade on a new setup

Hi All!
I’m new here and am trying to get my new to me 1000mm X-Carve up and running. It uses the X-controller and it also came with the CNC4newbies Slider that was never installed. I installed it while going thru the setup. I don’t think I have the settings correct for the Z-axis.
I verified that the dip switch is correct (2 is the only one on for the Z-axis, 1 and 3 are on for the other two.) In the GRBL command line I added $122=50.
I ran the test file with the easel symbol and my name and everything seemed to work fine. I have moved on to a simple file of my own but now I have a problem. The file is just a name and a drawing of a hummingbird and I am using a v-bit. I have it set to carve 1/4in deep. When it starts it just breaks the surfaced of the wood with portions of the first letter then it starts acting like it is cutting the rest up in the air. I have watched videos if the v carving and I can see the bit moving up and down to get the details but it is all above the wood not in it. Any ideas on what to look for?

Thanks, Lance

How did you zero your Z axis?

I used the probe.

Have you calibrated the steps per mm for the Z-axis?
Why’d you change the acceleration ($122)?

Sry it didn’t change $122 I changed $102=50. Which I think is z steps/mm.

From what I have read here I think that is correct for the screw I have.

If you jog the Z three inches, does it move exactly 3 inches?

It moved 2.995in. When I told it three.

Well, that’s not going to cause a big problem.
Are you using Easel for everything? Can you share the project? File–>Share–>(I forget the rest, but make sure you save)
What’s the height of your probe? Maybe the error is there.

I’m using the stock probe. I measured it a .59 and I’m pretty sure that’s what easel defaulted too. Here is the file, I think I shared it correctly.

Sorry I missed one of your questions, Yes I am using easel for everything. I just imported the Jpg of the hummingbird and added the text.

I think I have it figured out. I have the Triquetra 2" Y-Brackets and I need to lower my Z axis as it is bottoming out.

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Just came back to this…sorry. So, was that the solution?

It’s working great now. I Shifted the Z-Axis down a set of holes. I guess I would have been good with the 1in risers, as the Z-axis now sits 1" below the frame. Thanks for your assistance.